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MDT Administrator

NOTE: This project is discontinued. However feel free to keep using it. I'll leave the project site open. The source code is also available to you can always change it to your liking/needs. The only thing I ask is if you change it and redistribute it, I'm still credited for my initial work.

MDT Administrator is a tool (HTA) whose purpose is the same as MDT Web Frontend, to simplify work with the MDT Database. This tool is a simple, lightweight tool that lets you do most of the core stuff that you do regularly.

The reason I wrote this tool is because I felt that even though MDT Web Frontend more or less has everything you need and is fully customizeable, the workflow was a bit tedious, e.g. clicking on several tabs to edit different settings. MDT Administrator is a faster way to get the job done, everything I needed in one place.


Excelling Features

Active Directory OU Validation (
Avoid the hassle of broken deployments because of typos in the MachineObjectOU variables! MDT Administrator will validate that the MachineObjectOU path that you type when you create a new role or edit a role. As an extra safety, it also validates the roles when you try to add a role to a computer. This ensures that MachineObjectOU variables previously typed in also gets validated and are correct.

SCCM Integration (
If you want to put your MDT Pre-Staged computer in your SCCM collection that advertises OS Deployment, you can with one click! Also possible is check if it's already a member of said collection or not, and also remove it from the collection as well.

Keeping your MDT Database clean
MDT Administrator is that it's written to keep your MDT Database cleaner. Here's a few examples:
  • When deleting a role in the database from the Deployment Workbench or MDT Web Frontend, computer objects who are assigned that role still has it, even though it is now missing which will possibly cause the deployment to fail. When deleting the role in MDT Administrator, the role isn't deleted on the computer object (it might be useful to know what role the computer had before), but presents the role name with an "Invalid" caption so you can see that the role doesn't exist anymore.
  • Deleting a role in the database from the Deployment Workbench or MDT Web Frontend also leaves orphan "Settings" rows in the database. MDT Administrator takes care of that and leaves no orphan rows to clutter up your database.
  • When renaming a role in the database from the Deployment Workbench or MDT Web Frontend, any computer assigned that role still has the old role name, if you look at the computer object. This will possibly cause the deployment to fail. When renaming a role in MDT Administrator, it also renames the role on all the computer objects assigned to the role that is renamed.

Basic multiselect functionality (
The basic multiselect functionality lets you add or remove roles from multiple computers at once.
It also lets you delete multiple computers at once if you wish. See the documentation for more detailed information on the multiselect functionality.

Developer comments

I'm hoping you will find my tool useful and contribute (if you want to) to the project by providing me with feedback, suggestions, feature requests, bug reports etc. With your input, the tool is bound to evolve, get even more useful and maybe branch out in different ways. You are able to download the source code and change it to your needs if you want too.

The source code and build executables are free and always will be. However, if you feel like showing your appreciation of my project a little extra, it's possible to donate via a PayPal button from within the application. Any contribution, small or less small would be greatly appreciated.


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