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Feature request

Mar 18, 2014 at 3:15 PM
Hi there

First let me congratulate you on your great job, your interface is indeed much easier to handle than WebFrontEnd, which is great since i'm the only one in my team who has a inner understanding of MDT, and thanks to you other member of my team can now interact easily and securely with the Database.

My only request is this: is their a way to implement some scroll-like option to choose the applications you'd like to use.

I know i can put the application in my customsettings file, i've already created bundle of apps for each different type of computer we have here, i'd love the option to choose between different bundle inside MDT Administrator since right now there is now way for me to differentiate which apps should go to which computer in the customsettings.ini. I use a completely automated LTI task sequence to deploy.

Anyway if you can't or are too busy at the moment i'll understand, and i read that you said that you are satisfied right now with your app, so it's no big deal and thank again for you awesome work !

Take care !