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  • Added prompt when creating new computer, asking to use Description as OSDComputerName.
  • Added a OSDComputerName length check. It is no longer possible to set the OSDComputerName variable longer than 15 characters (to avoid problems in the network / active directory)
  • Added functionality for multiselect in the computers listbox. However, the multiselect functionality quite is limited so far. You can add or remove roles from multiple computers at once*. You can also delete multiple computers at once.
  • Tweaked the interface a bit to allow longer OSD Collection names to be displayed correcty (previously limited to 15 characters before truncating occurred). It can now display collection names 45 characters long before beeing truncated.

*See the documentation for more information on the new multiselect functionality.
  • Fixed bug where OSD Collection names longer than 15 characters would distort the layout of the controls. Fixed by truncating collection name on the legend element and adding a title element to the legent containing the full name (mouse over to view full collection name).
  • Clicking Edit on OSDComputerName and pressing cancel or giving an empty name no longer gives an error about minimum length. Instead it does nothing. To empty the variable, use the clear button.
  • OSInstall variables is now drop down boxes instead of free text.
  • "Edit Role"-button has been removed.
  • The "Role Settings"-fieldset now has it's own button set.
  • It's not required to create new settings.ini file. Fully compatible with settings.ini from v1.0.0.5.
  • Fixed searchbox code that I broke last release. Now the searchbox no longer loses focus while typing and getting results with roles.
  • Added functionality to provide AD OU Validation towards multiple domains. Therefore, the variable "domain" in settings.ini is now changed to "domainDCs" and can now take several FQDN's if needed, separated with semicolons.
  • Active Directory OU Validation - The application verifies OU existence in Active Directory when setting MachineObjectOU variable on a role.
  • SCCM Integration - Possible to add, remove, or check if a computer is a member of a specified (in settings.ini) SCCM collection.
  • Changed the way the edit buttons work. If nothing is entered in the inputbox when you click edit, or the default value of it is deleted, or if the user presses cancel, nothing will update in the database. The only way to clear a value now is by using the clear button.
  • Added a sort of status bar that displays information about what features are enabled.
  • The window resize event at application start that was previously noticable to the user should not be anymore.
  • Introduced a settings.ini file to contain settings instead of using commandline switches. This file is autogenerated if the file does not exist. See the documentation on this site and the settings.ini file itself for more information.
  • Correct version number is now displayed in the window title bar
  • Removed a trace from my first personalized version from the code
  • Removed the one role per computer constraint on user request.
  • First release of MDT Administrator

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